What Makes a Good Repoman?

In a demanding job market employers can be very selective in hiring. Therefore, it is wise to give yourself as many advantages over other contenders as possible. What attributes make for a good repoman/woman? What are the things that employers are looking for when they hire repossession professionals?

Like most jobs, and most job interviews, the particulars that employers are seeking from you can be divided into three categories.

Hiring a Repoman: Skills and experiences

Hire Repossession agent

Hire Repossession agent

The first is actual skills and experiences. These cannot be faked. In the case of recovery work, this includes things like a commercial drivers liscence, previous experience in rigging objects to be towed, and driving on the job. This is where having already done repossession work, or something in a related field can help you. It puts employers at ease to know that you have experience and will not require much training to begin working as a functioning part of their business. Particularly if you are being hired by a repossession agency who is looking to take you on as a regular employee, proving with professional references that you know your stuff can be beneficial. If you are seeking a contract to hire you out on a temporary basis, it is less important to prove long term skill, though if you ever want them to hire you again it makes sense to at least prove your proficiency with a job well done. It is important to illustrate the experience and skills you can vouch for in a well formatted resume, and with willing references, otherwise employers have little reason to take your word for it. If you feel you are lacking in this category, never fear, there are other things that employers consider when hiring as well.

Hiring a Repoman: Scheduling

The second tier of repoman employment consideration is literally scheduling. Certain companies will be looking for a certain level of availability: how many hours a week you can work, what shifts and times you can work, and what pay rate is required.

Those with other jobs and family responsibilities may have limits on this sort of availability. Much of the time, there isn’t much to be done to reconcile these things. You will be available when you are available and they will need from you what they need from you. It goes without saying that the more flexible you can be with you schedule and pay, the easier it will be to get hired and remain employed. Sometimes, if you are willing to alter your schedule at the start of your employment you can then build a trust and shift your schedule to one that makes more sense for you. Similarly if pay is low, there are often opportunities for compensation growth as loyalty and integrity are proven over time.

Hiring a Repoman: Personality

The last grouping of traits that employers look for are really personality based. It may sounds silly, but the impression you give of yourself in a job interview is frequently the biggest deciding factor in whether or not you get the job. While it would be simple to say that presenting yourself as professional and courteous is enough, that is not always true across the board.

Check out the vibe of your employer, and what type of people seem to be successful there, whether it is a casual place with plenty of humor, a larger operation with lots of regulations or a quiet spot where most of the labor keeps to themselves. Employers want to hire someone who will fit in easily and be simple to deal with. In other words, try to dress the part and don’t rock the boat before you’ve boarded it. Hopefully, focusing on those three general sections of expectation, you will be able to get and keep the repo job you want.

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