Vehicle Repossession and Military Service

Military service: long hours and even physical danger

One of the niche groups that comes into contact with the repossessions industry are those in Military service and their families. Military employment is difficult. The requirements on soldiers and officers include long hours, strict chain of command, large distance from family and comfort, and even physical danger.

Returning to the civilian work after the military service

Vehicle repossession by USA military veterans

Vehicle repossession by USA military veterans

One would argue that is would be a generally good thing if military officers didn’t have to worry about vehicle repossession. Military pay scale is usually better than civilian, still with families to support, some serviceman and women find themselves in debt. Particularly veterans, who may be injured and/or have difficulty returning to the civilian work force after returning from service are in danger of vehicle repossession. In some cases it is even a spouse or immediate family member who deals with vehicular debt and faces repossession.

Military officers

Luckily, the Military is a conscientious and committed employer. In the United States, there are organization, both public and private committed to easing the burdens placed on military families. Many financial institution will also extend themselves to help a service man or woman in need. Some banks will even grant loans and extensions to people based solely on the fact that they serve in a branch of the military. However, even with all of this aid available, thing do not always get resolved neatly. Sometimes officers are informed about these resources or are uncomfortable accepting this kind of help, or merely wait to long to reach out for it. In other cases, there is simple nothing the military or agencies of help can do anything, either because of the circumstances or the extent of the issues.

Usually, repo men don’t have enough personal information about the drivers of the vehicles they repossess to get involved in the ethics of the situation, though is is reasonable to believe that a military status might affect the way they do their jobs. The inverse relationship that military service people and veterans have with the vehicle repossession industry is through employment.

Repossession work is a growing field

Repossession work, particularly in a faltering economy, is still a growing field. Because of the rigor and hard work cultivated in military service, veterans are ideal employees for repo agencies. Particularly in vehicle repossession and recovery, which can require the ability to work with large vehicles and machinery, veterans with experience in the vehicles and machinery of warfare find themselves well suited. There marked ability to deal with pressure and confrontation is also a benefit to the job.

Repossession work: Tax incentives and grants for veterans

There are tax incentives and grants available to companies that employ veterans as well as ample loans present for veterans who want to start their own businesses in the repossession and towing fields. Staffing agencies can outsource repossession jobs to independent contractors and are especially friendly to honorably discharged service men.

The odds are stacked in favor of veterans who wish to enter the vehicle repossession field, however it can still be challenging to get started. There are organization at the national and local levels to help vets deal with these issues and enter into worthwhile industries like repossession.

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