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If repossession agents work to recover cars and other property to reconcile debts, then skip tracing agents work to recover the people who owe those debts. Skip tracing is a system utilized to find a person who is missing. The process involves acquiring, organizing and applying information in large amounts to create a profile of sorts for the individual in question. The data surrounding this person allows the skip tracer to make a profile that allows them to make an educated conclusion about where this person might be. Skip tracing can be done by amateurs, but is actually very skilled work. Skip tracing jobs are available all over the country, in differing forms.

What are skip tracers used for?

Skip tracing can be applied to a variety of situations. Tracers are used to find lost family members, past lovers, to handle legal obligations, and to deal with credit, debt, or other financial issues. The fees differ from job to job and situation to situation, though recent advancements in the technology used has reduced the difficulty and the general costs involved. The process of skip tracing jobs begins broadly, with easily found info, like phone book listings, and even general internet searches for the person’s name. As the search gets more specific, the information becomes more difficult, and more costly to access. This is data such as that kept by law enforcement agencies, government sects -like the IRS, property records – like car or housing loans, and court files. The job of skip tracing therefore requires a budget, and usually a quick and professional tongue.

Skip Tracing Strategies?

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The verification of the information collected is also important, because a skip tracer plans his next move based on the truth of the last bit of information gathered. To a certain extent, it is a bit like detective work, with careful investigation being the main task. This job has changed greatly with the role of technology. When once these documents would need to be accessed in person, or through a long application and mail process, now, online and electronic filing systems allow both speed and distance while in remote location from the information and individual. Computer databases along with the sheer bulk of available information on social media websites and news publications make finding someone in the computer age easier than it used to be. One of the biggest challenges to skip tracers is the fact that the person they are seeking frequently does not wish to be found, and can leave a misleading or nonexistent trail behind them, making it more difficult to trace them.

Who uses Skip Tracer Services?

Those who hire skip tracers usually have something significant to gain from finding the individuals they are looking for. Banks and other financial institutions often hire skip tracers to locate those in significant debt to the agency. Skip tracers can be expensive, because they must be paid a fee – usually a percentage of what the seeker has to gain from the sought, as well as the reimbursement for any funds used to gain pertinent information. There are those who will try to skip trace as amateurs, but professional skip tracers have better tools, more experience, and a better chance of success finding those they seek.

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