Simple Reasons You Need To Catch Airplane Repo

Why Watch Airplane Repo


When you first think about repossession, you may not think of adrenaline filled nights, chasing down expensive airliners. However, for a select group of repo men, that is exactly what they think about and they hang on for a ride that most don’t get to experience. This used to be something that only a select few got to hear about, and even fewer got to see, until now. The somewhat stealthy art of airplane repo has a new found audience with the Discovery Show of the same name, and there are 3 distinct reasons why you may want to catch the fever.

The Art of Being a Ninja

Much like ninjas have to use the cloak of nightfall, the men and women that are hunting down expensive airliners must sneak their way into many locations that aren’t meant to be seen by the public eye. Thanks to the cover of night they can investigate hangers, warehouses, and places that the average person wouldn’t even begin to think about. With special cameras, the Discovery Channel brings people alongside these stealthy individuals and gets up close and personal with just how elusive some of these aircrafts can turn out to be.

Part Detective Show, Part Reality Show

There’s a reason why the #1 literary genre is mystery novels, and the #1 programming choice amongst television viewers are shows about mysteries and detectives, and that’s because there is a certain satisfaction about watching and being involved with chasing down something that is supposed to be hidden. You’ll find that airplane repo captures the elements that make the genre so popular and wraps it into a real world package that you will not get anywhere else. Even though it’s a reality show, there is a built in uncertainty that drives the viewer to keep their eyes open for anything that may build on the suspense.

No Boring Personalities Allowed

Ken Cage, Kevin Lacey, Mike Kennedy, and Danny Thompson are not some suit and tie wearing repo men, they are intimidating sleuths that take matters into their own hands and hunt down luxury aircrafts at seemingly all costs. You will find that the eclectic cast have a certain appeal that goes beyond your standard reality star and beyond the notion of some stuffy repo man with a briefcase and suit on. They mean business, especially when you see Danny Thompson and his MMA intimidation.

Death Warrants, Crazy Women, and Insanity

What most people don’t realize is that the business of airplane repo has some insane moments, some of which you can’t capture on television. In one Forbes article, Ken Cage’s experience was detailed in which a crazy woman chased him with a rake across a hangar, and that he still has a warrant demanding his death! Perhaps the worst of it all is getting stuck in a Haitian jail for some time, or having a gun pulled on you while trying to just do your job. It’s these sort of scenarios that drives interest in the profession, and while the reality show has some thrilling moments, nothing can really capture the true insanity of thousands of luxury aircraft repossessions that have gone down before the television audience got a glimpse into this world.

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