Repossession Agent Jobs Openings in the Midwest

Job Openings for repossession agents

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Repossession Industry is growing

In many areas of the country, the Repossession Industry is growing. These are workers who recover and repossess property, usually of the motor-vehicle variety. Depending on the type of clients available, repo work can be both rewarding and profitable. The Midwestern region of the U.S. contains a large portion of the nation’s population, with a range of region-types, from rural farmland to major urban cities. Repossession companies thus also range in size, width of area served, and in the number of clients they are able to take on. There are several companies that serve the Midwest that are currently seeking to hire professionals in the repossession field.

Repossession Companies

Atlas Creditor Services, headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas is looking for workers with several different types of experience. Atlas is a fairly large company with many employees and multiple locations. They serve more than one location with repo and other creditor and collection services.

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Marine and boat repo agents are always in demand

In both their Omaha, Nebraska location and their Columbia, Missouri office, Atlas is hiring Recovery Agents. Atlas has very hire professional standards, and seeks agents who have experience in both recovery and repossession processes. Applicants should be over twenty-one years of age, and hold or obtain a class E, or higher, drivers license. A medical card and the ability to prove a clean legal record for seven years prior to application are other necessities of the job. Because much of the recovery is automotive based, the faculties to use a GPS, and other tracking technology, as well as a towing vehicle is important. Those without experience, but whom want to train for a career in repossessions may also apply, keeping in sight a strong desire to work diligently and be a part of the professional team. Atlas is also taking general applications at all of there locations for Account Manager Skip-Tracers, who work to find individual people, and Field Investigators who seek and manage the information needed to help in the recovery of various property.

Repossession Agent Jobs Openings

The Midwest also offers jobs in repossession work other than vehicle recovery. Skipperbuds is one of the nation’s largest marine repossession and re-auction companies. With location in Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, and Michigan, among others, this is certainly the midwestern authority in marine repo. With workers who span both sides of the acquirement and resale, Skipperbuds is looking to hire workers in several positions. Marine and boat repo agents are always in demand. Those who can also repair, ‘flip’ or maintain these aquatic vehicles are in especially high need. Skipperbuds is also looking for those with finance and insurance experience to deal with the legal and monetary happenings surrounding marine recovery and resale. Sales professionals as well as those who can take on higher level management positions are also needed. Though a rather different form of work than auto repossession, marine property tends to be expensive and valuable than cars, so often marine repo work have a higher paycheck for those willing to shift into it. The Midwestern region of the U.S. is a good place to seek a variety of repo work, and with a little research and a positive attitude, the doors will open for you.

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