Repo Man Salary

Repo Man Salary

Some repo jobs end unsuccessful

Sometimes from the average paid job of $300 the repo man will only see $70-$100 of that money.

How much does a repo man actually get paid? The answer to this question is very circumstantial. The situations in which repo agents work vary greatly and so a straightforward, black and white answer is not always available. It is however, possible to examine the average rates of pay and to look into the question of why the pay scale fluctuates so much, as well as ways to try and stay on the upper end of solvency. The question then becomes, not how much DOES a repossession professional get paid, but instead what CAN or SHOULD he get paid for his work.

How Much Should a Repo Man get Paid?

Repossession agents are usually paid on the basis of the items that they repossess. The more valued the item and, sometimes the more difficult the recovery of it, the more valued the work of repossessing it will be. Thus, the job salary can vary greatly. For those repossession agents who work in vehicle repossession, depending on the region and situation, these agents usually bring in between $150 and $450 per job. Even if the repossession company is a one-man operation, some of that income will inevitable go to business running costs like rent, fuel, and legal registration fees. If the company is larger, the billed amount is usually larger as well, but the percentage of that stays with the actual repo man who did the recovery is usually less and sometimes based on how long he or she has been working for the company. Sometimes from the average paid job of $300 the repo man will only see $70-$100 of that money.

How many Repossession Jobs are available?

repossession agent salaries

What CAN or SHOULD the Repossession Agent get paid for his work?

The amount of repo jobs available to a specific repo man or company within a certain time period or region can also largely affect the income possible for repossessions. Some repo jobs end unsuccessful, for which no payment is given. Others can take a long period of time to pay out because the salary percentage is derived from the amount the car brings in at auction. The economy can effect the ebbs and peaks f the repo industry just like any other, and what folks are willing to pay for repossessions and recoveries takes a hit. However, for all the dry seasons of repossessions work, there are also lusher times, and rushes when the work and the income is plentiful. If the availability and frequency of these repossession is high, then the salaries of repo men can be quite generous.

Hours for a Repo Man

For many repo men, the hours are long and not always fruitful. At other times, however, repos can be done efficiently and quickly and the cash out is great for the amount of time spent. How much Should a repo man get paid? That’s still a difficult question to answer, but the hope is a fair wage for the degree of time and difficulty involved in the work. Some repo companies pool the income of repossessions and pay salaries to their agents, usually creating a pay-scale based on experience and time with the company. This may help to combat dry spell for some agents, though it may also decrease the fair income of others.

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