Recovery Professionals and Concealed Weapons

Should recovery professionals carry weapons?

There are many views on whether or not repossessions professionals should carry weapons, particularly guns when they are on the job. Many states, and some employers prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons in commercial vehicles, like those used to tow repossessed cars. Even in states where there is no legal prohibition and even with the correct licensing and usage, there are many factors to consider when deciding to carry a weapon on the job.

Danger on repossessions

Their are lots of stories of danger on repossessions; a crazed individual will become angry and violent, and possibly brandish or fire a weapon to try to keep their car. In these cases, many repo professionals feel that they are left without much protection and with few tools to access in their own self defense. In these specific cases, there seems to be a somewhat feasible argument for carrying a gun, legal or not.

Repomen carrying guns


However, if a gun or any weapon carried by a repossession agent is not properly concealed, a debtor may claim that they were threatened with undue force to give up their vehicle. This can result in the termination of the repossession and sometimes a loss of pay for the repoman.

Beyond a weapon being an excuse to get their car back, weapons can be an excuse for some people to act more violently and even to use harmful force that they might not have otherwise attempted. In this way, guns present a certain level of personal risk to the carrier, because their presence can escalate the mortality of violence in some situations.

Repo agent carrying a weapon

In other cases, the fact that a repo agent is carrying a weapon may deter a possible attack and even maintain the safety and protect the life of an agent. People are generally less likely to agress if they know they are going up against someone carrying an efficient weapon.

Repomen wearing a bullet proof vest under clothes

Those in the repo industry who speak out about carrying weapons on the job tend to fall into two polar camps about the subject: actively pro or logically against. While carrying a gun can cause the loss of a repossession, and even the loss of the job at large in areas where they are not permitted, many apply the thinking that, if you have been killed by an assailant, your job won’t matter too much anymore. In a nation where gun laws and regulations are in the throws of much discussion and debate, the question also arises as to whether or not repossession is really a dangerous enough gig to require a widespread self defense weapon, or if such weapons create more issues than they solve.

Many repomen also suggest that if the situation they are entering appears to be dangerous, that they will don a bullet proof vest under their clothes, thus keeping them safe from attack without appearing aggressive or needing a gun. It is important that repossession agents know the legal ramifications of their choices in these instances state to state and that they check with their insurance provider as well as their personal conscious.

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