Thanks for your deeper interest in RepomanJobs.com.

We hope the site is simple to use – and understand. We’ve found that some users have questions about us, however, so we try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions here.

Have other questions or want more information? Contact Us. We’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

Yes, the site is free for repomen and always will be. It’s currently free for employers unless they want to upgrade job postings for better visibility. But it won’t always be free for employers. In the future, we’ll charge employers for accessing resumes, so now’s a great time to use the site – while there’s no cost to anyone.

Employers: You get access to complete details of every resume on the site for free. We don’t restrict how many repomen you can access or how much information you get about them as some other sites do. For a $30 upgrade charge, your job posting will move to the top of the page, increasing the visibility of your ad. Because few employers choose to upgrade, you’ll really stand out on the site when you do. Click Here to register as an employer.

We accept advertising on the site as well, and we plan to make money in the future by charging employers for resume access.

We’re a new company, so we don’t have a wealth of statistics to prove how beneficial we can be to your business or your career. We offer something no other site in the industry offers, however: free access to our site as well as educational materials and other perks for those who take the time to join.

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