Erratic Global Markets a Boon for Airplane repossession

Why Airplane Repossession?

There is no time like today to learn how to become an airplane repo man. While many think that the volatility in the global economy since 2008 has left the super wealthy unscathed, this is not the truth. Rather, these ultra high net wealth individuals and the corporations they work for have been cruising through a series of extraordinarily highs and lows.


On account of the unpredictability the smart money has shied away from purchasing private airplanes and they’ve avoided the infamy of having their mug shared on an airplane repossession tv show. However, especially in the increasingly low financial growth developing world the new rich weren’t so careful and now their bright and shiny purchases are being ripped away from them by airplane repossession companies operating under these countries airplane repo laws.

Airplane Repo Man

It’s a good time to get in the business to join and airplane repossession company. Because many of these airplane repossessions happen in the developing world where there is not a history of voluntary repo or bank repo airplanes there is work to be done for a repo man. How to become an airplane repo man might sound difficult, but it is easier to do this in the developing world where most financial institutions are scared to enact airplane repo laws themselves. Really, if you can operate a successful mid-level repo company in the USA, then you will have line ups of scared rich Indians and Thai lining up for you to voluntary repo their planes so they can avoid the public embarrassment of being featured on a popular airplane repossession tv show where their fall from wealth will humiliate them.

Airplane Repossession Work


So how does an airplane repossession work? It’s easier then you might think. It starts by having you or your parent bank contacting the client and giving them the chance at a voluntary repo. The client will be made aware that it’s in the law allowing bank repo airplanes when they are behind on their payments and that since they are in breach of their payment agreement the plane is now the property of the airplane repossession companies. Hopefully, now all the airplane repo man needs to do is show up to the airport with a team of a temporary pilot and crew and take the airplane into possession.
However, sometimes a voluntary repo doesn’t work, after all if you had a multimillion dollar plane wouldn’t you want to hold onto it? It’s times like this when an airplane repossession gets messy. It’s also times like this that make for great airplane repossession tv show like Discovery Channel’s Airplane-Repo. Here is where you earn that fat pay check, usually throwing out the guidebook from the airplane repossession companies to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Yes, this might be some dangerous corner of the world and that fellow that owns the plane decides to call himself Kind, but, you will work to get around it. You know why? Because the typical profit margin on an airplane repossession is between $600,000-$900,000. If you can learn how to become an airplane repo man and do just one job a year, you are going to be doing the research for your next job very comfortably sitting around a very large pool.

Airplane Repossession Companies

This focus on the developing world doesn’t mean that there isn’t a mean airplane repossession industry in Europe and North America. Unfortunately though, many airplane repo companies are glutting the market and the chance for an up and coming repo man to break through the competition to grab that big cash prize is becoming more and more difficult. In the developing world it’s still the wild west, where most times a voluntary repo is going to happen and if it’s not then many of the tricks that a qualified repo man would know from working in the USA or Europe would be effective in places like China, India and Ethiopia where these techniques are less well known.

So what will you do? Finding a gold mine is rare, yet, when you find it and with hard work it can be your golden ticket. With the amount of money on the table to be made in airplane repo even the most ambitious repo man will be lining up to work with airplane repossession companies. Yet, there is a line up all around the corner for these positions. So how to become an airplane repo man who is successful? Well, that answer lies in the developing world and we wish you luck and lots of voluntary repos. And, if push comes to shove, we at least hope you get an airplane repossession TV show as well for all your hard work. It would be great for your friends to watch while you all lounge around your pool.

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