What Repo Truck is best for repossession?

Choosing the right repo truck for repo work

There is great deal of debate throughout the industry about what sort of truck or towing vehicle is the best for repossession work. While the answer to this question really is contingent upon on the exact sort of repossessing one will end up doing, there are some helpful tips that can narrow the field. If the agent works for a larger company, there may be larger objects to tow beyond passenger cars, such as commercial trucks and even boats. These rare large items may require more power in the engine and sometimes more strength in the rigging connection to ensure a successful tow.

However, most of what gets repossessed is in fact smaller passenger vehicles and cars. While the cars driven in the U.S. Are getting bigger and heavier, they still average out at about 4,000 pounds. So in truth, the hauling capacity of repo trucks need not be extremely large, and it usually isn’t worth the money to purchase an overly large or powerful vehicle to do the towing.

Repossession vehicles: gas or diesel?

Best tracks for repossesion jobs

Best trucks for repossession jobs

Another debate about repossession vehicles is whether or not to go with gas or diesel power. Many large trucks are built to run on diesel and do have some advantages. Diesel vehicles tend to have larger tanks that need to filled up less frequently and get better mileage thus saving money. However, repairing a diesel engine can be more pricey as it requires more expertise from the mechanic.

Noise levels are also important to consider, as the desire is to get in and out and complete the repossession with as much inconspicuousness as possible. Starting up and running a diesel engine can be quite noisy and draw unwanted attention, which may lead to the interruption and even halt of a repossession. Many diesel trucks are also larger and more difficult to maneuver in and out of tight places where cars may be parked that need to be retrieved. The general advice is to go with a single-wheel truck that runs on gas and has a very good muffler. Four wheel drive and good weather-proofing are also useful tools to have available when repossessing, that way you are more prepared for more unforeseen situations.

Brands of trucks for repossession

There is also a large range of opinion on what brands of trucks are best for repossession. There seems to be a lot of brand loyalty, and the folks with the loudest voices about what brands are best tend to be secretly employed by one or another of those car manufacturing companies.

Top 3 brands

The most prominent names floating around are Dodge, Chrysler and Ford, and the recommendations are to buy as new of a vehicle as possible with the hopes that it will continue to run for the longest period of time. The only advantage to getting an older vehicle may be that there will be less computerization, making the mechanical engineering easier to grasp and repairs more manageable. Most likely if it runs well, and quietly, it will serve for repossession just fine.

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