Airplane Repo


GET BACK JACK! There’s a new reality show in town that has enough “high flying” adrenaline to keep the aviation enthusiast in you on the edge of your seat. The Discovery Channel has done it yet again with another thrilling new season of “Airplane Repo”. This action packed season includes an outstanding cast of characters, some seriously big ticket planes, ridiculous situations, and (yes) even a bounty hunter. While this television show tags along on the heels of reality shows such as The Bacholerette, Operation Repo, Ghost Hunters, and quite a few others it sets its self apart with high priced flying machines and the crazy diverse cast of characters.

Even Forbes ( had something to say about the deliciously questionable characters Discovery has been sporting from season to season. First out of the gate this year we are looking at Ken Cage. Standing as CEO of International Recovery Group, this family man has exceeded $300,000,000 in repossessions in his 14 year career. He seems to enjoy doing things by the book and keeping it low-key….that’s why it came as such a surprise to everyone when he recruited Danny Thompson from Matthews, North Carolina. This tattooed bail bondsman was a bounty hunter for 13 years and a professional MMA fighter. Better believe he was excited when soccer dad Ken Cage asked him to join up with the Airplane Repo crew. Danny seems to be delivering as promised with his slightly volatile temperament and extremely colorful personality. Next we have the cowboy Kevin Lacey who not only can fly the planes…..but he can fix them too. He hooked his first plane repo at 21. The excitement and rush pulled him in and he’s been all over the globe as a high-asset repo man. Lacey has been arrested more than a dozen times everywhere from Africa to Brazil in affiliation to his career……and acquitted every time. As if the Airplane Repo cast isn’t diverse enough, as the fourth and final lead this season there is the weapons dealer and exotic animal trader Mike Kennedy. Why would an arms dealer repo planes you ask? Why because of the adventure of course! Kennedy’s motto is “Carpe Diem” and he takes it to the fullest. His nickname is the “Lone Wolf” and boy is Orlando proud to claim him as their own according to the Orlando Sentinel. (,0, Action packed and high adrenaline is the cream in his coffee. I’d say the producers at Discovery Channel did us one big favor by mixing these sly dogs up with our beloved Shark Week (

There was a question nagging in the back of my mind as I’m watching the latest episode that I KNOW you are asking yourself now. “How much to these Airplane Repo guys make from repossession?” Believe it or not…depending on the aircraft…that number can range from $100,000 to $900,000. For one plane. Career change anyone? Then again these men are regaining million dollar assets for the banks. That will turn around to be sold in auction cover the loan and hopefully make profit. Then that money gets pushed back into the system to become available to distribute in loans to the banks clients. Banks such as Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo do not have unlimited funding to work with when it comes to their loan operations. When a person defaults on a million plus dollar loan that hurts everyone. The men involved in Airplane Repo are very aware of this fact and understand what it means to the banks and take into consideration the bottom line the plane represents every time they reclaim the property. Bet you didn’t know a repo show could run that deep did you?

All in all, the Discovery Channel has created another winner with Airplane Repo and future show stars within the cast. The completely retooled season will hopefully attract a larger crowd and help it stick around. Airplane repo on the Discovery Channel is scheduled on THU nights at 10/9c.

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