The Adventurous Cast of Airplane Repo

Meet the Cast of Airplane Repo – Discovery Show


When you first look at many reality television stars, you don’t really get that vibe that they are on the up and up. In some instances, they are completely fake or actors, and are just forced to play roles. That’s not the case for the cast of airplane repo, you get a main cast of adventure seekers. Some may even compare their adventures to those that you’ve seen in fictional tales from Indiana Jones to James Bond. That’s right, these guys take what most people assume is an easy thing, repossession, and make it into an art form that is full of intrigue, not too unlike a thriller novel. The main cast has some interesting points of interest, let’s take a look at their quick bios and see why this is not just some “trendy” showcase.

Ken Cage

One of the more famed airplane repossession experts, Cage has been linked to a lot of daring stories. He was even mentioned in a Forbes Magazine article in which he was talking about getting trapped in a Caribbean, and getting chased by machete wielding crazy people. Even though he has done some incredible things in the past, he tries very hard to make things go smoothly, trying to go by “the book” as they say. As a family man, he can’t go through the Wild West antics nearly as much, but if you sit him down, he’s got some stories to tell.

Kevin Lacey

They call him the “Sly Fox” and he’s been in this business for 40 years straight. When looking at the cast of airplane repo, this guy is definitely one to watch. He’s a lover of planes, and while he’s taking them from irresponsible people, his love for the aircraft shines through more so than the process. He’s done a great deal of repos and has been locked up in several prisons across the world, only to get let go. This wild man can rival Cage’s stories, and he still continues to elude would be delinquents. He’s willing to do anything to ensure he gets the plane he’s after, anything.
Mike Kennedy – Kennedy is sometimes called “The Lone Wolf” because he’s quite dangerous in close proximity of a repo. He likes to work alone, as he can put himself in dodgy situations. He’s in great shape, albeit a bit older and admittedly isn’t as fast as he used to, he finds a way to combat the issues and get into skirmishes that would scare men half his age. Flying solo means that even the slightest mistake, could spell curtains for his life, and repo career. So far, so good, but it’s a white knuckle ride every time he gets his plane.

Danny Thompson

When it comes to repo, you don’t always think muscle, but Danny Thompson exemplifies the term. They call him “The Pit Bull”, and his MMA training combined with his bounty hunting prowess has made him one of the toughest and meanest looking guys in the business, not just the cast of airplane repo. You’ll be hard pressed to hide from this guy, because he has more than just years of repo experience under his belt, he knows how to track those that are trying to hide.

As you can see, this is not just your run of the mill celebrity reality show, these guys mean business. From the family man that has a wild past, to the MMA fighter that is not afraid to get physical to get his payday, you’ll find these men are an impressive mix.

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